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Sierra Mist by PepsiCo

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Sierra Mist sodaTarget: For lemon-lime soda drinkers.

Key Benefit: Sierra Mist by PepsiCo is the lemon-lime soda that is refreshing and has a great taste.

Reason to Believe: Sierra Mist by PepsiCo, Inc. uses 100% natural flavors.

Brand Positioning Statement:

For lemon-lime soda drinkers, Sierra Mist by PepsiCo is the lemon-lime soda that is refreshing and has a great taste. That’s because Sierra Mist by PepsiCo uses 100% natural flavors.

Personal notes: 1) I derived this brand position from examining the package that I bought at the store.

I appreciate comments from anyone and everyone, especially if you’ve worked on this brand before! :)



Frito-Lay Salsa Display in the Chip Aisle

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I couldn’t help myself. My wife and I were walking down the chip aisle last night and my wife noticed the sign in the picture on the right:

Now, look at where the the sign was in the picture below. Yes, it was next to the salsa but do you see all those CHIPS behind it?!? We WERE in the chip aisle!

Furthermore, if head to the salsa section, you won’t find Tostitos salsa there. Where I live, all the grocery stores put the Tostitos salsa ONLY in the chip aisle and NOT with the other Mexican food and salsa brands. I know that this is an arrangement made between Frito-Lay (Pepsi-Co brand) and the grocery chains. In fact, do you see the special shelving unit that holds the Tostitos salsa? Guess who paid for that? Frito-Lay!

I just find it pretty funny that Frito-Lay, who has such a strong grocery store presence and KNOWS where their salsa is placed in the store, would put a sign on their own shelving unit that makes the customer think they need to go to another aisle OR worse yet, makes the customer think that Frito-Lay didn’t have someone read over their own signage before printing a billion signs and placing them all over the place!

Personal note: I’m usually very impressed with how Frito-Lay has made such a strong presence in grocery stores and their ability to maintain shelf space.